Trun and river Erma’s gorge

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The day is 11.05.2020. Until recently, entry and exit from regional cities in Bulgaria was blocked due to COVID-19 and took place through specially designated checkpoints. This severely hampered travel in the country.

Although it is Monday, the day is a holiday for me and together with a friend, we quickly decide that it is time for a short trip around Sofia. We choose Trun and the gorge of the river Erma as a destination.

Soon we were traveling on the highway to Pernik. We miss the exit to Trun and make an “honorable” tour of the city center. Around noon we arrive in Trun and after a quick coffee brake we continue to the gorge. There is a turnoff on a dirt road. After less than a kilometer we reach a tunnel carved into the rock, and just after it begins a trail leading to the river and wooden bridges over it. Apparently this was once part of an eco-trail, but unfortunately now the bridges are quite rotten and the trail is lost right after them.

The tunnel was dug by the Germans during World War II. The idea was for a train to pass from there to transport supplies, soldiers and equipment to attack the Serbs. The war is over and the project remains unfulfilled.

After a short walk and time for photos we set off back to Sofia.

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