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Choosing the right tools when taking a long motorcycle trip is extremely important. Everyone should choose the right ones. According to some people, you do not need tools, only a credit card. If you are one of them you may not read further.

For me, as a person who does not use a credit card, it is important to be able to fix some small problems along the way. Below you will find the full list of tools I carry, but before that I want to repeat that everyone has to choose their own tools, according to the motorcycle he rides and their own skills to work on the machine they ride. So here is my list for the BMW R1150GS:

Under the rear seat of the bike there is a tool box where the original tools of the bike sit. These are:

  • Spark plug wrench
  • Wrench for removing the front and rear rim
  • Suspension adjustment wrench
  • Extension for the above
  • Screwdriver “+” and “-“
  • Allen keys (hex keys) 2mm to 8 mm

To these I added:

  • Tubeless tire plugs
  • Poxipol epoxy glue
  • 1/4″ socket set 7mm to 14mm
  • Allen key (hex key) 7mm, as it is missing in the standard kit
  • Spare bolts, according to the motorcycle

Another tool storage area I found is under the seat and tank, above the air filter. There I pack a package with the following:

  • Pliers – two different sets
  • Cutters
  • Model knife
  • Bits – different and several in kind, because they tend to break, just when you need them most …
  • A screwdriver on which the bits are mounted – also serves as an extension for the 1/4″ socket
  • Test lamp
  • Wrenches 7mm to 17mm and one adjustable

There is also a tool box on the side paniers stands where I carry:

  • Chinese air compressor, without plastic packaging
  • Small pump – after all the compressor is Chinese …
  • Reflective vest
  • Spare spark plugs -2pcs
  • Tire repair spray
  • Cable ties
  • electrical tape
  • Bishop tape
  • piece of cloth and gloves

On longer journeys, I carry a spare bearing and oil seal for the BMW final drive on the bottom of one of my panniers. This is the only spare part I carry. Everything else can be found almost anywhere, relatively easily, and I don’t see the point in carrying unnecessary kilograms, for something you may not need.

With this kit I can solve most problems. If the problem is more complicated and I need spare parts, the place where I will buy them will most likely have tools or a person to replace them.

You can see more in the video:

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