Eastern Rhodopes part 2

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The time has come for the second visit to the eastern Rhodopes.(Eastern Rhodopes part 1)

The Rhodopes are one of the most beautiful mountains in Bulgaria. A mountain abounding in natural landmarks and cultural and historical sites.

The first stop is a rope bridge. Actually this is the longest rope bridge in Bulgaria and is the only connection to village named Lisitsite. It is 260 m long and is built in the narrowest part of the “Studen Kladenets” dam.

Next to the bridge is peak Monyak. there was a fortress, but now there are only ruins. The whole fortress Monyak was ennobled in early 2003. There is not much left from it, but the view from the top is worth it

The road to both places is а dirt road, and you have to walk the last meters to Monyak Peak for about 10 minutes. I did it with both my motorcycle -BMW 1150GS and 4by4 pickup truck, so think about it before you go and it’s too late to turn around.

if you plan to sleep outdoors, there is a suitable place nearby on the shore of the dam, but keep in mind that the nights are cold, especially in autumn.

For the next 3 places there is an asphalt road to them. 

The meanders of the Kardzhali dam, near the village of Star Chitak are one of the most visited places in the region.

On the opposite shore is the cave named Utrobata (in english it can be translated as “womb” or “vulva”). The name comes from the shape of its entrance and is only 22 m deep.

The road to it is good asphalt, but it is followed by a 40-minute walk along the steep shores of Kardzhali Dam. There is not much shade on the narrow path, so it is good to carry enough water, especially in summer.

This is the best preserved cult facility of this type in Bulgaria and can be reached by an eco-trail, starting from an information center , located on the road between the villages of Dolni Glavanak and Topolovo. The eco-trail is approximately 500 meters long. Of course, this site is also forgotten and abandoned just like the Monyak castle. The information center is abandoned, as is the eco-trail. The bridge at the very beginning is about to fall, and a wire fence passes through the path in several places. The information boards are also unreadable.

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