My name is Kristian Dimitranov and I am interested in all kind of  trips. This site is where I will share the most interesting part of them.

Why did I choose that name? Obviously it comes from my family name, but why “seek the unknown”? I accidentally came across the phrase, but decided it described me quite well. I always preferred to travel to a new, unknown place instead of a well-known one.

I was born in 1992. in Sofia, Bulgaria. 

In 2014, I started work as a telecom engineer. This gave me the opportunity to travel across most of Bulgaria, though on business.

During my conscious life, there was at least one motorcycle in my family.

Accordingly, over time, I also wanted to get one. Initially, my father said he would drive mе out from home if I bring a bike there, but a few years later we were already together, looking to pick the right one.

And a few years later we were together again looking for a motorcycle. This time for him so we can travel together.

Together with my parents

In this regard, it is likely that most of the publications will be related to motorcycle trips.

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